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About Karen B. Tripp

For most businesses, there is the challenge of innovating in the marketplace and promoting and exploiting those innovations, but there is the equal challenge of protecting your intellectual portfolio from those that would violate your rights to those same innovations.

Intellectual property is an area of law that is constantly becoming more complex and demanding more sophisticated legal support. I have significant experience with a broad spectrum of intellectual property matters, including patent law, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. But she also has decades of experience working on these matters in the business world.


Experience With A Range Of Entities

We understand how intellectual property is employed in business, from independent entrepreneurial enterprises and startups to institutional, multinational corporations in the Fortune 100. I was the director of technology transfer in the strategic planning division of Exxon’s upstream research company.

We understand how to protect your intellectual property rights, as well as how to obtain the full value of your intellectual property portfolio. I know that often this material may be underused, and I can assist in developing tactics and strategies to obtain a greater return on this valuable asset.i


An Enthusiastic Advocate

Our attorney’s vast experience within the field of intellectual property has only sharpened her focus and passion for her work. She truly loves working with this material and is equally passionate when it comes to working with her clients to help them succeed in every aspect of managing their intellectual property.